General Wants and Such

This is as much for my own reference as it is a standard wishlist. I like a huge variety of Pokemon, so this will set straight who I'm actually really willing to drop money on.

In general, I want this collection to be a long-term thing, since there are a few non-Pokemon toy lines I collect, and I like the thrill of the hunt.

Since I'm not too familiar with all of the various Pokemon toylines, I'm mostly going to focus on just whatever appeals to me. I definitely want a Kid of everyone on this list, and also probably either a Tomy or Jakks figure, depending on what's available and what I think looks good.

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Can I make this work?
I've never used LiveJournal before, so please humor this test post...

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It's just a larger version of my little avatar thing. I drew this in like five minutes in Photoshop. Ampharos is my man, man. My mon?


Anyway, my collection is scattered across a couple various boxes and I have a major space problem, so it'll be a while before I can get any photos of my stuff anywhere.

So enjoy this for now?
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