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General Wants and Such

This is as much for my own reference as it is a standard wishlist. I like a huge variety of Pokemon, so this will set straight who I'm actually really willing to drop money on.

In general, I want this collection to be a long-term thing, since there are a few non-Pokemon toy lines I collect, and I like the thrill of the hunt.

Since I'm not too familiar with all of the various Pokemon toylines, I'm mostly going to focus on just whatever appeals to me. I definitely want a Kid of everyone on this list, and also probably either a Tomy or Jakks figure, depending on what's available and what I think looks good.


I wouldn't say I'm really into one particular type or anything, but I notice that I really dig a whole bunch of avian Pokemon. Spearow and Fearow are the stand out favorites. Luckily they probably don't have a whole lot of merchandise...

Specific Items I Want:
-Jakks Ho-Oh and Togekiss plush
-MPC Braviary plush Acquired!
-TFG Spearow and Murkrow
-Honchkrow Clipping Figure
-Spearow and Fearow Zukan? I understand these things can be tiny...

General Favorites

These guys don't really fit into any specific category, but they're some of my long-standing favorites.

Specific Items I Want:
-MPC Scrafty plush Acquired!
-Definitely the Banepresto, Friends, and Tomy Smeargle plush, and probably the lying-down beanie, too
-Canvas Ampharos plush Acquired!
-Jakks Gardevoir, Golduck, and Ludicolo figures
-Pokepla Emboar and Torterra

Other, Miscellaneous Stuff

At the moment, the only other things I'm looking at are some of the other Pokepla sets: Empoleon, Lugia, and Hydreigon.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. We'll see how long it takes me to check all this garbage off. Assuming I don't see more things I end up wanting to buy...


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First, excuse me for suddenly breaking into your LiveJournal, but noticing that this is a post regarding Pokémon merchandise, and as a PKMNCollectors member, i just felt inclined to comment.

Smeargle has four different official plush, excluding possible future releases, of course. There are two different TOMYs, a Banpresto prize and a Friends plush. You can see them over at a collection website of a fellow member, Pokémon Propulsion. In general, collection sites can be used to find out what specific merchandise exists for a certain Pokémon apart from the more popular toy lines. But you probably already knew that.

The other items you listed are fairly easy to find. Even if they are not available right now, they should show up fairly soon. Your best bet would be checking the Member Shops Master List and sales posts on a daily basis. The only ones rarely seen here are the Plastic Model kits, but HobbySearch has all the ones you want in stock.

Other that that, i wonder why you end this post with titling the listed items as 'garbage'. I assume this word is just used in a colloquial context, am i correct?

Hey, no worries!

Thank you for the information on the Smeargle plushes! That actually helps a lot. I'm still kind of new to all this business, so now that I have the proper names, it'll be easier for me to dig around for them.

I always make sure to poke around the sales threads and things, but I must admit I am going to be pretty lax about shopping. I know there's nothing particularly rare or exciting on this list (yet); it's as much a checklist for my own benefit as it is a "wants" list.

Anyways, thanks for the links!

(And yeah, 'garbage' is just me being facetious)

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